Student Manner


  1. Come to Class on Time
  2. Give Full Attention to your professor and fellow classmates when they are speaking.
  3. Silence cell phones and do not use them during class
  4. Do not surf the internet or play games, give your whole attention to the class.
  5. Participate in class discussions when given the opportunity
  6. Complete all class assignments and tests
  7. Stay until the end of class (class doesnt end at the first break).
  8. If you have a legitimate excuse to miss class, come late or leave early you must let your professor know or you will be counted absent.
  9. Sign in on the attendance sheet and please include your student ID number. Do not sign in anyone elses name. Do not try to just sign in and leave or you will be counted absent.
  10. Dress appropriately, modestly and professionally.