Scholarships and Other Financial Aid

As part of your application packet you will receive a scholarship application. (You can also obtain this form from the Registrar’s Office.) By completing and submitting this form, you can apply for a number of scholarships provided by various friends of the university. A scholarship committee comprised of members of the administration, faculty, and staff matches the information supplied on your application with the criteria set by donors.

The following list describes some of our available scholarships:

Horizon Faculty/Staff Scholarship
Established by the faculty and staff of Horizon University for deserving students chosen by the scholarship committee.

Horizon Directors’ Scholarship
Established by the directors of Horizon for deserving students chosen by the scholarship committee.

President’s Sacrificial Leadership Scholarship
The President’s Sacrificial Leadership Scholarship has been established to honor students who have exhibited or have the potential to exhibit extraordinary leadership qualities of a sacrificial nature. Sacrifice is defined as a dying to all self-interests in order that those who follow will discover in these sacrificial acts and attitude the potential to rise to new heights of achievement. This achievement will, by its very nature and source, propel the character of all involved to the highest calling they have in Christ. The fulfillment of this calling is identified in a leader who recognizes and follows a sacred vision, who is willing to consider all others before himself or herself, who focuses on the integrity of the process rather than the end result, and who remains committed without constraints even to the point of personal injury or death. Recipients of this scholarship are leaders of the highest character, compassion, and Christ-like nature.
Award: Up to $5,000 per academic year to be used for tuition, books, and fees.
Scholarship Criteria: Multiple recipients are to be chosen by the Scholarship Committee and confirmed by the President of the University.

Dean of Theology’s Merit Scholarship
The Dean of Theology’s Merit Scholarship has been established to honor students who have exhibited or have the potential to exhibit extraordinary abilities as a theologian and Christian leader.
Award: Up to half-time tuition per academic year.
Scholarship Criteria: Students must pursuing a degree in the School of Theology, have a minimum GPA of 3.65 and have completed at least 30 semester units at the University. The recipient is to be chosen by the Dean of the School of Theology and the Scholarship Committee.

Additional Scholarships
Several churches provide monies to assist students in attending Horizon. We encourage you to let your home church and your home presbytery know that you have been accepted into the university.

Graduate Teaching Assistantships
Graduate students at Horizon who demonstrate exceptional ministerial talent and extensive professional experience may be eligible for teaching assistantships, which offer tuition assistance.

Other Financial Aid
At this time, HTI does not participate in Federal Student Loan programs. New schools are ineligible for such programs. After we receive national accreditation, Horizon intends to provide these important tools to assist students to fund their educations.